YOUR Life, Elevated

Do you hate writing and sometimes wish you had help with an important writing project in your career or for your business aspirations? Enter me.

I love ghostwriting for people. Not because I feel like I’m taking on another persona or I’m smarter than or better than them. But because I’m helping them. The people for whom I’ve written in the past are incredibly intelligent, high-functioning, eloquently spoken people. They’re engineers and CEOs and doctors. But I’ve realized that in the same way I start panicking when asked to do a mathematical equation, others panic when they have to write something (or anything). Especially about themselves.

Over the last few years I’ve done things like take people’s personal statements for their medical school applications and re-worked them to help get their points across more succinctly. I’ve revamped resumes and cover letters and speaker bios and business proposals.

I love it because it gives people peace of mind. It helps them succeed at what they’re best at, by asking for help with something they’re not as good at. I like giving people the confidence to do what they do well, and provide for them through writing what they would convey in person, but have trouble saying on their own in written form. 

Whether you need help with a bio, a resume, an important speech, a cover letter, an “about me” section of your business site, or something else that’s stressing you out, I’d like to try and help alleviate your stress. 

If you have a writing project that you find intimidating and could use some help with to get YOUR Life Elevated, fill out this quick form any time and I’ll get in touch with you!