Real Romance

When you’re young you think romance is all about flower deliveries, elaborate dates with limousines and fine dining, champagne and expensive gifts and rose petals scattered in your house with scavenger hunts and love notes. Sure, those things are great on occasion, but when you’re young, you have it all wrong. Real romance isn’t about … Continue reading Real Romance

Holy Week

My emotions (read: my sanity?) are all over the place these days. Anybody else? I was plenty emotional pre-pregnancy and pre-COVID, but y’all, it’s just next level now. One day, I’m feeling upbeat and positive – finding joy in all the little things, feeling extra grateful for everything (is there a better feeling in the … Continue reading Holy Week

Robots, Flying Cars, and Fighting for Love – Cheers to 2020

Tomorrow is the last day of the year. The last day of the decade. Then begins 2020.  (Side note, am I the only one who can’t say “2020” in their head without using a Barbara Walters impression?) I remember when we were kids and the year 2020 sounded like some futuristic time when we’d all … Continue reading Robots, Flying Cars, and Fighting for Love – Cheers to 2020

Willing the Good of Another

This world could use a lot more empathy.  We all go through impossibly hard things. It looks different for everyone, but we all get touched in some way by loss, pain, suffering.  For one it’s divorce, for another death. For one it’s addiction, another cancer. For some it’s multiple things at once. For others, it’s … Continue reading Willing the Good of Another