Alone, But Not Lonely

I slept like a log last night.  Which is pretty incredible considering we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, on top of which, those of us in Utah experienced a 5.7 magnitude earthquake yesterday, oh and the fact that I’m six months pregnant and generally can’t sleep for more than two consecutive hours without … Continue reading Alone, But Not Lonely

“Poem Fun”

My favorite kind of people send me emails with the subject line, “Poem Fun.” (Heck, my favorite kind of people send me (non-work-related) emails at all. I used to spend hours writing letters to my friends and penpals as a kid. I spent even more hours in high school and college writing emails to my … Continue reading “Poem Fun”

Current Obsessions: “Friend Pride Friday” Edition

Alright, I’ve told you about several of my obsessions in the past, but I’m especially excited about this edition, which features some friends of mine who are doing amazing things!  As convenient as the Amazons and Targets of the world may be, I still prefer to support small businesses as often as possible. Give me … Continue reading Current Obsessions: “Friend Pride Friday” Edition